Afraid Dog

Helping a Fearful Dog

What looks like aggressive behaviour in dogs is almost always fear-based. Fearful dogs ACT aggressively because they are trying to create distance between themselves and the “scary stuff.”

But fear or anxiety left unresolved can easily turn into aggression. A fearful dog that is pressured, restrained or cornered is likely to defend itself in the only way it can – with it’s teeth.

Our private training program will show you how to help manage and overcome your dogs fears.

Our Overcoming Fear program will:

  • Help you to better recognize signs of fear and stress in your dog
  • Teach you science- based strategies that can change your dog’s reaction to scary stuff. Your dog will begin to see that fearful things can predict good rewards and experiences.
  • Show you how to manage your dog’s fear and anxiety on a daily basis so it doesn’t escalate
  • Provide a step-by-step plan to follow and support along the way

How Walks that Work Helped Them

"What a great program! We love Laura and it’s so satisfying to see improvements every week! Minnie did not have a lot of confidence starting out but it is incredible to see how far she has come already!”"

"I thought nothing would work for Goldie, but following Laura's training we've made gradual but consistent progress and I'm finally starting to feel hopeful again."

Helping a Fearful Dog

  • Private in-person program
  • Training takes place in your community
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