Games that Train


Games that Train

Whether it’s “sit down” , “calm down” or “slow down”, Games that Train can help you create a happy, co-operative life with your dog.

Games that Train are innovative 6 week classes that help dogs of all ages develop:

  • Focus and attention on you in distracting situations
  • Loose leash walking
  • Reliable recalls
  • Impulse control – to eliminate jumping, biting, barking

What are the benefits of game-based training?

Fun for two

Our Games are so fun and easy, you and your dog will want to play more often!

No frustration or failure

We guide you though frustration-free learning broken down into simple steps.

Proven to work

Training based on the science of animal behaviour, tested and proven effective with thousands of dogs.

Train everywhere

Our games are designed to be easily practiced everywhere, for a dog that listens everywhere!

How Games that Train Worked For Them

Games that Train have made all the difference in my three rescued cattle dogs. They have transformed from nervous, sometimes disobedient dogs into happy, eager to please well-mannered dogs, just from playing the games for a few minutes every day!

The course was a game changers for us. After 3 levels elsewhere and a fairly extensive dog experience there were still things I couldn't figure out with my Aussie. Games that Train was perfect for that!


Games That Train

Stouffville Location | 6 classes | $276
  • Extra large indoor and outdoor training spaces
  • Indoor training arena is not climate controlled
  • Up to 8 particpants with two instructors
  • Recommended for dogs that need more space from others

Games That Train

Markham Location | 6 classes | $276
  • Medium sized indoor training space
  • Fully climate controlled
  • Up to 5 particpants with one instructor
  • Recommended for dogs that are comfortable being close to others

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

Our Games that Train program is designed to work for dogs of any age! However, if your dog is between 2-4 months old, our Good Pup program may be more suitable. Please contact us if you are unsure and we can help determine the best class for your dogs needs.

With Games that Train, missing a class doesn't mean missing out! Registration comes with lifetime access to the Games that Train video library, covering everything you learn in the program! We also review previously covered games throughout the session, giving you lots of chances to practice!

Class sizes depend on location, but all of our classes have a minimum client-instructor ratio of 5:1, so you have lots of individual time with the instructor for questions and feedback.

We offer a variety of private training programs, but most dogs benefit from practicing the games around other dogs. If your dog is dealing with reactivity, it may be beneficial to start with our reactivity program. For dogs dealing with fear and anxiety, starting with our Overcoming Fear course may be more suitable. Please contact us if you are unsure!

Yes! We encourage you to bring family members to training classes so that everyone can learn and practice.

Still not sure what class is right for you?

Speak with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and figure out which class is best for you!

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